Permission to drive



This document serves for the owner of a vehicle to authorise a third party to drive their vehicle in Andorra and elsewhere.


 How long does it last?

The document is valid for at least a month and up to a year.


  What documents are required to apply for it and how to do this

The vehicle yellow card, the passport or identity document of the owner and the intended driver. The owner and the driver must sign the authorisation at the offices of Automòbil Club d'Andorra.

An initial application may be made using the attached form, which should be filled in and sent to Automòbil Club d'Andorra. The applicant can then go to our offices to complete the application.

The yellow card holder must be present in order to apply at our offices (carrer Babot Cam, 13, Andorra la Vella).


  How to fill in the form

You must fill in all the fields and write all your answers in capital letters. After filling in the form you must press the send button, which appears at the bottom of the page. The document you send is received by Automòbil Club d’Andorra.


  How much does it cost?

€25.77 (including IGI) If one of the two applicants is a member of ACA, the cost is €5.60 (including IGI)

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