International Driving Permit (IDP)



The international driving permit is necessary to drive temporarily outside one's country of residence in a vehicle with a foreign number plate.

The form and requirements of the international driving permit conform to the stipulations of the international Geneva convention of 19th September 1949.

It consists of a grey cover or card in the form of a 16-page triptych, showing in different languages (Catalan, Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian) details of the holder's personal details and the licences they hold.

This type of permit is valid for one year and is not valid for driving in the country issuing it (in our case, in Andorra).


Further information about the International Driving Permit 



Issued at the request of the interested party at the offices of Automòbil Club d’Andorra.



The International Driving Permit costs €25.77 (including 4.5% IGI).

Time taken: from one day to the next.


You must hold a current driving licence.

Documentation necessary:

  Passport or identity document.

  Original Andorran driving licence.

  1 recent photograph, 35 x 40 mm.

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