Assistance for vehicles


Why drive with peace of mind with ACA CLUB?

We carry out emergency repairs to your vehicle from "km 0"

A puncture, run out of fuel, unexpected problem with your engine... Car broken down just when leaving home or on the way to work? Don't worry: if you're in ACA CLUB you'll get an immediate emergency repair service for your vehicle, wherever it's stuck within Andorra and Spain. Whatever vehicle you're driving, ACA CLUB will assist you!

If the vehicle needs towing, ACA CLUB takes it to the nearest garage for you

Unfortunately, there are times when a vehicle just says, "That's it." When that happens, you can relax, because ACA CLUB is always there for you. Give us a call and we'll come along to wherever you are to tow your vehicle to the nearest garage approved by the manufacturer, or to the garage of your choice.

The garage chosen will be the one in the nearest locality to the place of the breakdown or accident.

That's not all! If you're in ACA CLUB and your vehicle is immobilised less than 200 km from your home, you can ask for the vehicle to be towed to a garage in your place of residence or up to 50 km away. And what if the garages are closed when the vehicle is towed? Don't worry! ACA CLUB will move the vehicle to a public indoor car park or to your own parking space and wait for the first working day to send it to the garage for repair.

Plus, if costs are incurred for leaving it there, ACA CLUB will cover them.

We'll move or repatriate any vehicle driven by the member.

A breakdown, accident or theft over 200 km from home? Don't worry: ACA CLUB is there to help you, even if you're away from home. So, if you're part of the ACA CLUB family, when the vehicle you're driving needs a repair involving more than 8 hours' work or 3 days immobilised, we'll take it or repatriate it to the garage of your choice in your own locality.

At the most, a garage located 50 km from the member's place of residence will be offered. ACA CLUB will not provide the repatriation service from abroad for vehicles that do not have Andorran registration numbers.

And what about a theft? In the worst situations, ACA CLUB will also be there to help you. Thus, as a Club member, you should know that even if the vehicle is found after you've returned home, we'll still offer you this service. To use this assistance, all you have to do is prove that the pertinent report was lodged as soon as you became aware of what had happened. And the costs? Providing the rated value of the vehicle before the incident is higher than the cost of the repairs to be carried out, ACA CLUB will cover it all!

We take care of all the paperwork to legally de-register a vehicle

In the event that, following a breakdown or accident, the real value of the vehicle driven by the member is lower than the cost of the repairs to be carried out, ACA CLUB will cover the administrative processes necessary to legally de-register the vehicle, wherever it is. As well as this service, as an ACA CLUB member we'll move your vehicle to a scrap facility to take it completely off the road.

We cover the costs of storage or custody of the vehicle.

Breakdown, accident or theft over 200 km from home? Keep calm - as always, ACA CLUB will be there for you. So, from the moment you tell our alarm centre what's happened, ACA CLUB will take care of the cost of storage or custody of your vehicle if this is necessary.

We take you free of charge to the place where you can collect the vehicle.

Gone home and been told the vehicle that suffered the accident or breakdown has been repaired on the spot? No problem! If you're a Club member, we cover the cost of you or the person of your choice travelling to the place where the vehicle is to be collected.

But that's not all! In the event of theft, ACA CLUB will also provide this service, providing the vehicle is in a suitable state to be driven and submission of the pertinent police report can be proven.

We send the spare parts, with shipping costs included

Don't have the spare parts necessary to repair the vehicle on the spot? No worries! If you're in the Club and you're more than 200 km from home, all you have to do is call us and we'll take care of sending the parts you need by the most appropriate means. And do you know what? Shipping the spare parts won't cost you a euro!

We right your vehicle in the event that it has turned over or gone off the road.

If the vehicle driven by the member turns over or suffers an accident causing it to leave the road, and it cannot return to the road on its own, ACA CLUB places you in a position to carry on driving or be towed or carried. Moreover, we'll cover the costs up to a maximum of 300 euros!

We help you find your vehicle in the event of theft.

Nobody likes it, but unfortunately vehicle theft is a current issue. For this reason, if you're the victim of a theft or robbery, you should know that as an ACA CLUB member you can ask for a search and location service for a vehicle stolen in Spain. You simply have to give us the police report and we look after the rest; we send the details of the vehicle to all our units and work to find it. Once again, ACA CLUB is always there to help you!

ACA CLUB is all terrain! We assist you on unmetalled roads and forest tracks.

As long as you're driving on a route you're allowed to use, which leads to an inhabited place or a place of cultural interest (country holiday accommodation, restaurant, home, etc.), you can count on ACA CLUB assistance. So, whether on unmetalled roads or forest tracks, in the event of an accident or breakdown ACA CLUB will provide assistance and/or a tow.

Cycle assistance.

Who said roadside assistance was only for cars? If you're an ACA CLUB member you have a cycle assistance service with a motor vehicle. With this service, you won't just get assistance on metalled roads, but we'll also come to you on unmetalled roads and forest tracks, providing these are passable and access is permitted.

Want to know more?

  • Emergency repairs, for bicycles too!
    Just as it does for other vehicles, ACA CLUB also offers a km 0 assistance service for bicycles. This guarantee, which is only available in Andorra, applies from the member's home up to a radius of 100 km.
  • Whatever the problem, ACA CLUB can help you!
    Tant sigui una lleu pèrdua de pressió dels pneumàtics o una imprevista punxada, com una avaria més greu, com per exemple el trencament de la cadena, ACA CLUB t’ofereix una reparació d’emergència des del lloc en què hagis quedat immobilitzat.
  • Bicycle need taking to the workshop? That too with ACA CLUB!
    If the bicycle cannot be repaired where it is immobilised by a fault or accident, ACA CLUB offers you a service to take it to the nearest repair workshop to your locality or up to a maximum of 100 km from your home.

Geographical scope

With the exception of the emergency repair service, which is only available on Andorran and Spanish soil, the rest of our vehicle assistance services are provided throughout Andorra, Spain and other European countries as well as non-European countries on the shores of the Mediterranean.


Thanks to the ACA CLUB service based on assistance to the person, as a member of our club you'll be covered whatever vehicle you're driving, providing it's a saloon car, scooter, motorcycle, motor caravan, mixed vehicle or van for private use and Andorran-registered.

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