Administrative processes


If you're a member of Automòbil Club d'Andorra, we help you with certain administrative processes. Forget paperwork! We want your time to be yours alone, and that's why we take care of all your administrative processes.


How much time do you waste every year in queues to be dealt with on the telephone or going from one desk to another? Forget paperwork and asking for appointments, we handle all kinds of processes and paperwork so that you don't need to worry about a thing.

Get your time back: don't spend your spare time on processes we can handle for you. These are the official administrative processes we can help you with efficiently, quickly and conveniently:

Renewal, duplicate and recognition of your driving licence.

Applying for the "tercera placa" (third plate) sticker.

Changing the features in your "carta groga" (yellow card) registration certificate.

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