Personal assistance while travelling



Why can you travel with peace of mind with ACA CLUB?

We assist you in the event your vehicle is immobilised due to a breakdown, accident or theft

If you're travelling and the vehicle you're driving is immobilised due to a breakdown or accident and cannot be repaired on the day of the incident, ACA CLUB assists you as a member and also your family, as well as any other occupants of the vehicle. Also, as a Club member, you can also choose one of the different options:


  • We accommodate you in a hotel until the repair has been completed.
    ACA CLUB works to minimise the inconvenience for you, even in the most complicated cases. That's why in the event of an accident or breakdown away from home, we accommodate you in a hotel up to three stars while the repair is being carried out.

    The accommodation is for a maximum of 3 nights if the incident occurs in Spain, or 4 nights it it's abroad.

  • We take you home!
    In the event that you don't want to stay in a hotel. ACA CLUB still has something to offer you. Thus, if you have an accident or breakdown away from home, as an ACA CLUB member you have at your disposal a service to take you home or to the destination of your journey, providing the cost of the latter is not higher than returning you home. You choose which way and we take you!
  • Rental vehicle
    Accident or breakdown over 200 km from home? If you're unfortunate enough to find yourself in this position, as an ACA CLUB member you can opt for a rental car, for up to 2 days, while the repair is being carried out. Because ACA CLUB is always by your side, whether you're close to home or 1,000 km away!

    The vehicle must be returned in the country where it was picked up and may not be driven outside the borders of the country where the incident took place. This service is subject to the individual conditions of the vehicle rental company and to the availability of such companies in the region or country where the incident took place.

  • Pets? ACA CLUB will cover them too!
    ACA CLUB looks after you, but also your pets. So, if as a member you require the service of moving the vehicle you're driving due to a breakdown or accident, ACA CLUB will take care of that too, covering the costs - if any - arising from transporting pets weighing up to 75 kg.
  • And in the event of robbery or theft?
    These services will also be offered in the event of robbery or theft, providing you can show you have lodged the pertinent police report.


We offer you the services of a professional driver.

Are you on the way and start feeling poorly? Something doesn't feel right? Well stop the car and call us! In the event that you feel unable to carry on driving and there is no other driver to replace you, ACA CLUB offers you a professional driver service, to complete the journey to your home or destination.

We recover your keys in the event of loss

Even if we don't like to admit it, the car key is something it's easy to lose. At ACA CLUB we realise this and that's why we also think of our more forgetful members.

So if you can't find your keys, you can choose between two different services:

  • If you need the keys as soon as possible, we offer you a service to open the vehicle with mechanical tools. However, this service can only be offered where, in addition to the member, there is a police officer or similar present.
  • In less urgent cases, you can also request that a duplicate be sent, providing a family member or other person previously specified can provide us with it

We offer you a transfer service in the event of the death or serious illness of a family member

If, in the course of a trip undertaken by the ACA CLUB member or one of their family covered by the service, a direct family member - spouse, parent, child or sibling - dies in Andorra or suffers a serious, life-threatening illness, ACA CLUB covers the transfer of the member and their direct family to the place of burial or hospitalisation.

Early return in the event of a loss at your home

ACA CLUB not only guarantees maximum cover during your trip, but also looks after your property while you're away from home. Therefore, if your home suffers a loss that makes it uninhabitable or the entrances are forced, we take you home early so that you can deal with it. Bear in mind that to use this service you must show that the pertinent police report has been lodged.

We advance the cost of legal and administrative expenses in the event of an accident abroad.

Have you suffered a traffic accident abroad in which civil or criminal proceedings have been instituted? Remember, ACA CLUB is always there to help you! If you find yourself in this delicate situation, as an ACA CLUB member, we'll assist your defence by advancing the costs of the lawyer, attorney and/or court costs, up to an overall limit of 1,500 euros.

But also...

  • As a Club member, ACA CLUB will also advance any bail imposed to secure your provisional release or personal assistance in court, up to a maximum of 7,000 euros.
  • Need an interpreter? Don't worry! We'll also advance up to 1,500 euros to cover this expense.

The member must give a written acknowledgement of the debt to ACA CLUB and undertake to pay back the sum asked for within a maximum of one month of making the request.


We organise sending up to 2,500 euros abroad for you.

Abroad and realised you've been robbed or lost your luggage? The vehicle you're driving has broken down and you don't have enough money to pay for the repair? If you're an ACA CLUB member you can relax! If you find yourself in this position, ACA CLUB will arrange to send you up to 2,500 euros so that you can have the money as soon as possible. As always, we're there for you, wherever you are.

Urgent communication

Problems with the wifi connection, data roaming charges... Often when we go travelling, we assume we won't be able to communicate with those close to us easily. At ACA CLUB we're aware of this problem and that's why we do all we can to enable you to send any urgent message to your family.

But that's not all! ACA CLUB will also pass on all messages of an urgent nature sent us by your family through our Alarm Centre, which is operational 24 hours a day.

Forgotten your medication? ACA CLUB can get it and arrange to send it!

If you're under medical treatment and you leave your medication or essential items at home, and these are hard to find where you're travelling, ACA CLUB has a solution for you. Thus, once we've received the notification, we'll take all necessary steps to obtain the medication and get it to you by the most suitable means, as promptly as possible.

What if you leave your medication in the hotel?

If the opposite happens and you get home to find that you've left your medication where you were travelling, ACA CLUB will also cover the cost of sending it to your home.

We help you to recover your luggage in the event of loss or theft

If there's one situation that concerns nearly all travellers, this is certainly the possibility of losing their luggage or having it stolen. If you are unlucky enough for this to happen, ACA CLUB, as always, will be there for you! So, if your luggage or personal effects are stolen or lost on your trip, we'll help you get them back and we'll arrange for them to be sent to your home or wherever you are travelling.

We cover the cost of staying abroad in the event of loss or theft of documentation

Lost your passport or any other papers necessary to enter or leave a country? If you find yourself in this unpleasant position on a trip abroad, ACA CLUB, as always, will be there for you!

So, if you're forced to prolong your stay as a result of this, we'll cover the cost of staying in a hotel until the documentation has been renewed.

And what's more...

In the event that the stolen or lost documentation belongs to a minor, ACA CLUB will also bear the accommodation costs for one adult to accompany them.

This covers a maximum of 60 euros per day, per person, up to a total limit of 300 euros per person, taxes included. To use this service you must prove that you have lodged the pertinent police report.


Geographical scope

We provide you with assistance all over the world. It's that easy! If you're an ACA CLUB member and you're more than 25 km from home, we assist you on your journey, wherever you are!

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